What just Happened?

I was in college and it was almost time to go back to class (since the break was kinda over). So when I was going back to class and I stopped in a "staff toilet" only to look at the mirror (I left the door open because I was just checking out my hair). While I was all entertained and focused. (BAM!) A class colleague appeared all out of the blue, stopped and gazed at me for more or less 3-5 seconds with a serious yet nonchalant face. I was so frozen even to have a reaction, and without noticing I got stopped there gazing him back as well (WEIRD!). After that, he just got out of it and left closing the door in an almost aggressive way to go up the stairs. (I almost thought he was mad at me, but I didn't do nothing and we neither really talk this lot). How we were going to the same place I just went up to the stairs too. I thought the situation was a bit weird so I just said something "normal" to kill the tension, like: "Gosh! You scared me!". He didn't understood the first time so I reapeted myself and all of a sudden he began to chuckle and said something like: "Awwwnn" and something else that neither I understood. After this, when he was on the top of the stairs going to open another door. He held the door and waited for me even when I was way away from the door. He did that consecutively with the other 2 doors till we got into class (the doors are the type that go and come). I said thank you for sure but I got perplexed about what happend without understanding the whole situation...
What just Happened?
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