I gave my crush my number, and I haven’t heard from him yet?

I really like this shy and quiet guy on night shift at work. I work days, and he works nights. We work in the same room, so we have a few minutes to speak between shift changes. We both like the same music, video games, just similar interests all around. Problem is, I’m a shy girl myself. I have a hard time flirting with guys or shooting my shot. The other day, I asked him if he plays Cold War and if he wanted to play sometime. He said he has it, but doesn’t play it much, and also has been working a lot of OT lately too. But he told me I could still leave my activision tag for him on a piece of paper. The next morning, I gave it to him, as well as my number, sneakily, because I would hope he would text me. It’s been 4-5 days roughly, and he hasn’t texted me. I’m not sure if I was straight forward enough to let him know I was interested. He could also be super busy as well. I haven’t seen him since I gave it to him, because of people being moved around at work due to some production lines going down temporarily. What should I do? Should I just give up, give it time, or anything else? We’ve been talking a lot during our pass downs lately, when he didn’t use to talk at all unless it had to do with our passdown. I feel like he might like me back, but I’m feeling skeptical after he didn’t message me. I’m sort of afraid he thinks I’m weird or something. I could just be overthinking though. Definitely need some direction.
I gave my crush my number, and I haven’t heard from him yet?
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