Random contact after several years?

This guy randomly called me after five years. He actually counted them which I found really strange because I only met him once in passing at a fight watch party. I was getting ready for work when I saw a familiar number on my phone. I thought it might be my dentist or the electric company at 8:30in the morning so I picked up. No it was this guy he asked me if I was still in this one city I said no but send a text I’m leaving for work. Then the weird text message “I’m sitting the restaurant we met and I’ve often wondered what happened to you…” he went in a little bit about his life “in these passed five years” Mind you I thought maybe he’s trying to clean up his contacts. It’s a pandemic I get it I guess. We’re strangers and I also didn’t like the end of the text. “It’d be nice to catch up if you so choose to talk.” The entire thing was weird to me. Strangers, five years he counted has went by and for some reason kept my number. Like why Dude? He’s also like 50 so I really got a little creeped out. Why would someone keep someone’s number for so long? Not just that but also wait so long to communicate with them? Am I thinking too much about it? Im pretty sure I’m going to block him.
Random contact after several years?
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