How do you be there for the guy you’re seeing who just pushes everyone away?

Me 24 f, him 25 m
Started seeing this guy and we clicked pretty fast, we had a lot in common and both told one another how we are very similar with one another, like I was the female version of him. He told me he wanted a relationship. We started FaceTiming and went on a first date, we had a great time and ended up seeing each other again later that week. Lots of kissing and holding hands rubbing my thumb etc when he was driving. At one point he was leaning on me and his pupils dilated when I stared back into his eyes it was sweet.

We went out again the other night and he asked me if I liked him yet which I said yes if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here at midnight. He said he was happy he could randomly kiss me whenever now. We drove to the beach and it was a fun little trip, on the way back he was just massaging my head and I felt so comfortable and safe in his presence. We got back to his place and the night continued, he then drove me home. I noticed he was distancing so I reached out to see if everything is ok And he just said when he’s stressed he distances himself.

We got into a conversation about his mental health and he mentioned how he try’s to handle relationships but mentally can’t bc he freaks out and pushes everyone away, that he’s getting better but it’s taking a long time. I told him I’m here for him if he needed and then asked if he was pushing me away and he said “yes I’m not letting you get close because I will push you away / get rid of you as fast as I found you” so I asked if there was any thing I could do and he said no the more I try the harder I push.

I know I just need to give him space and he’ll come to me if and when he’s ready but i don’t know how to be there for someone who pushes everyone away, any advice? I don’t wanna come off as not caring but I don’t want to add to his stress either
How do you be there for the guy you’re seeing who just pushes everyone away?
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