Did I mess things up with my crush? And what did they mean by no worries?

1. (The story) So I have this crush at my school and they were in my class last year and we were pretty close together. Near the end of the school year, we got to pick our seats and I was able to sit next to them. They liked almost all the same stuff as me. But this new school year about 2 weeks after the first day of school I realized I had a crush on them.

2. (Problem 1) So I wrote them a email saying I have a crush on them. Then 1 day later I said I sent it to the wrong person cause I was too embarrassed. Then, (because I'm dumb) I decided to hand them a note saying that I do like them before the school day ended. Then about a hour after that day they said "No worries". So do you think they meant no worries as it's fine I have a crush on them or no worries as it's possible they may have lost the note before they could read it and they think that I did send the email to the wrong person.

3. (Problem 2) And now I feel like they are avoiding me at school because I was right next to them one day and they didn't notice or care about me. I have tried sending them emails talking to them but they aren't replying. And now I feel like they keep looking at me even though I try to tell myself they're not. My friend thinks I'm obsessing about them too much and I know I am. I'm trying to forget about them but it's hard. Could anyone help me? (I'm sorry if this does not make sense to you but please no hateful comments.)
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Did I mess things up with my crush? And what did they mean by no worries?
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