Was/Is he interested or am I reading into it too much?

I met this other guy when I was still with my ex. Him & my ex got along instantly. We all met was at a mutual friends bday party & throughout the night me & this guy spoke on & off, some light conversation some a little too deep for the first time meeting someone. The “chemistry” was there, eye contact, sneaking glances, etc.

But he kept pointing out I was too young for him. I noticed he made an effort to be around me & find ways to gently place his hand on me or just little things like that. I was drunk & maybe to open/receiving of these things considering I was in a relationship at the time. Fast forward a month later and just a week before my ex & I broke up we all hung out again.

This time was the same. The whole time was asking how I’m doing, if I’m comfortable, if I’m hungry, what music I wanted to listen too, did I want to sit down (all normal host stuff when you’re at someone else’s house) He kept randomly getting excited & wanting to show me things around his house & taking just me to go look, making eye contact, the gentle touches on my shoulder or back, etc. I was pretty drunk but now thinking about it he never actually left my side the whole night.

Around 2am when I realized I hadn’t eaten all day he immediately got up & started making me food. Not going to lie my fucking heart exploded because nobody has ever done this for me. I got up & offered to help & I was right next to him talking & trying to help. He would chop some things up & then reach his hand out to give me little bites. Then it came time to assemble everything & I was trying but failing and he came in close to me, looked at me & then grabbed my hands & started guiding them & helping me assemble the food. I definitely got butterflies after that & then realized my ex was glaring & we left soon after. The next day he followed me on social media but hasn’t liked or messaged me. Now that my ex & I are spilt I was hoping he would reach out but nothing.
Was/Is he interested or am I reading into it too much?
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