Should I try something?


I'm writing here cause I'm curious and want someone's opinion who isn't actually a close friend of mine.

A couple days ago, I met this guy. I noticed that he's a bit shy and reserved, so I approached him and started a conversation. It wasn't anything special, we talked about general stuff like what we're studying at college and our interests. Then when I came home, I got a notification on Instagram that he followed me which I thought was cool.

Yesterday, we were together the entire day because we're working on a project together with some people, and we talked quite a bit, he asked me if I knew some people, we talked about movies. I think we had a bit of banter going on, I don't know, for example, we were sitting next to each other and I was very tired so I closed my eyes and a few seconds later, he nudged me with his leg and smiled at me.

I also found out from a friend's friend (lol) that he's the kind of a guy who won't really make a first move, so then I'm guessing that if I want anything to happen, I should do something. I'm also a bit shy when it comes to asking guys out and texting first, and I don't wanna try something and then get hurt in the process if he doesn't find me intriguing in a way that I find him. So, I came here to ask if anyone had an opinion if I should pursue this or not. Any kind of advice will help.

Thank you!
Should I try something?
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