Should I stick with talking to him?

All our interactions have happened on instagram so far.

I need honest opinion?

Should I stop messaging him?

We don’t know each other well tbh.
He enthusiastically responds to me when I reply to his instagram stories and replies back to me even in the late night BUT always waits for me to text him first.

He has messaged me first but only when he has really good reason.

last time when we talked I messaged him and asked him a question about a product that he shared and he went to look information of the product from their website for me. Is he trying to impress me. He’s replies were like 4-7 lines long lol.
It wasn’t even something important that I asked. It was about a drink that he posted about lol.
He didn’t have to go out of his way for that.
usually he’s responses are very decent. He heart reacts my messages. Everytime when I’ve messaged him first he has replied to me within 15 minutes.
by the way we were talking late like 23:30 despite both of us having work the next day  i guess he likes to talk to me or is just bored?
Should I stick with talking to him?
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