Gay coworker clingy all of a sudden?

About 2 and half years ago, I started this job with a guy. He started a month before I did and he pretty much trained me. I never knew he was gay and never told me but I got a feeling he was cause his voice was a little feminine. I went on his facebook and on his profile it said "interested in men." but he is rarely on it. When we hung out together I didn't feel he had any interest in me.
After a few months, we got split up because new people were coming in.
He got moved to the afternoon while I was there in the mornings. For two years, I met so many people at the job mostly guys and hung out with them. I didn't see him much and when I did it was never anything special.

Two months ago, he got promoted to my DS which caused them to move him to the morning shift so now I see him. Since we are back working together, he has been acting strange lately. He enjoys being alone with me. He defends me a lot. He's more manly and respectful than any of the man I've

Within the past two weeks me and him talked twice alone. Both times he brought up info about me that is on my profile and likes to talk about my life a lot. I thought it was because he was the manager and wanted to just know more about his employee (which is true) but he does it MORE to me. He will not stop bringing up how long I've been working there or how long we've worked there.

The first thing he does when he comes to work is look for me which is something he never done and approaches me before I even clock in. I have hung out with new guys during the morning shift and he gets so jealous. I don't know if it's because he likes the guys, thinks im ditching him for someone else or likes me. Somehow he found out me graduating from college and asked if I was going to stay longer after and says he hopes I do. I have talked about working a different position here and he gets upset when I do. I don't know where any of this is coming from. I don't want to say he like me but what could possibly be wrong with him?
Gay coworker clingy all of a sudden?
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