Could my boyfriend just be using me?

My boyfriend hasn’t worked since I’ve been with him and since we met and became serious he has always asked me for money. I never had a problem giving it to him or buying what he ask for. I’ve gave him over $2,000 in total and that was just from unemployment now that I’m back at work, I just received my first pay check since being back and he asked me how much I was gonna give him and he told me we could break even so I did. I gave him $400, I kept $500 only thing is after a day he didn’t have that $400 anymore and one day on my way walking to the train to head to work he decided to get on the train with me, to go to a atm that was at my train stop so that I could give him a $80 and since I’ve been back working he’s never gotten on the train with me as I traveled to work. When he did that I was already short on funds after getting bills and things out of the way so all I asked him to do was to save at least $20 out of the $80 I gave him just in case we needed it because I don’t get paid until another two weeks. It was like he caught an attitude and just stopped texting me and then just started only one word replying. He hasn’t worked since I been with him but he has ways, I won’t say how, on getting money and when he does he looks out for me as well if I need/needed it but i never make him feel obligated to do it for me. But when I have money he makes me feel like I have to give it to him, like I said the moment I got my check before I even cashed it he’s like “so how much are you gonna give me?”
Could my boyfriend just be using me?
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