I said I love you first during sex?

Well, me & this guy have been talking to each other for a little over 3 months now. Every time I’m with him I feel so at ease, we’ve had sex 5 times already & every time we have had sex he goes all the way (I mean he licks/eats EVERY SINGLE hole on my body) kisses me the whole time, holds me tight after we’re done. But, aside from the sex we have had a few falling outs over some lack of communication but we always manage to be back under each other.

Skip to present day, the last time we’ve had sex I told him “I f**king love you” mid stroke & he asked me “you love me?” As if though he couldn’t believe what I just said. I responded back “I do” & he said “I love you too baby” then kissed me, I mean it felt so real but you know, you tend to second guess especially when it’s done in the heat of the moment. Lol. I know I meant it, but I’m not sure if he did. Keep in mind he has said it a few times before I even said it, but I would just brush it off because I couldn’t tell if he was serious or not based off his tone when he would plus I knew at the time I didn’t fully feel that way about him. The tone I got from him when we last had sex did feel a lot different. Could I just be thinking too deep into it? I want the opinions of men who have been in this situation & women who have slipped up like this 😂 thanks in advance!
I said I love you first during sex?
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