Should I continue chatting with this guy?

I met a guy online and we struck up a casual friendship, but I started to really like him and gave him some compliments and felt like I left it more open ended for him to pursue, but we just continue to text.

He knows what I look like and I’m not ugly at all but think you have to be a 9/10/model-like girl to ever get a chance with a guy. BS all the stuff about vibes, energy and personality, to me, it’s looks driven period with guys and if the guy doesn’t consider you ridiculously hot, you’re out no matter what.

During a chat he wrote something like “I know the right girl will come along” and it just hurts. Are those words more than friend-zoning? It’s like I’m not even female at this point. I like him but feel so ugly and unattractive and we get along well, so that’s why i feel bad. Should I even be chatting with him at this point?
Should I continue chatting with this guy?
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