Does this sound like he was trying to do something sexual with me?

I’ve worked with this guy almost 3 years, we’ve alway been friends and it’s always been innocent up until a few months ago when he started acting flirty and more like a boyfriend that a friend out of nowhere. I blurted our that I liked him when I was upset about a guy I was seeing and he was talking me through it, and now that I’m single again I like him again but I don’t act on it cause he has a girlfriend and I don’t wanna cross the line. It’s only recently he’s started making advances, even though he tells me he would never cheat on his girlfriend and just wants to be my friend. Today, we were on a lunch break, alone in the break room, I was standing, about to head back in a few minutes. He was sitting and started patting his legs, I asked if I was suooosed to sit on his lap and he said yes and I said no be cause I knew it was inappropriate. He said something about being Santa Claus and I was like oh yeah? He said I wanna give you a white Christmas. I changed the topic, not knowing what to do. Later, I finally asked why he was acting different, using this an example and HE SAID HE hadn't BEEN ACTING DIFFERENT and the Santa Claus thing was a joke. I believe he was up to something but won’t admit it
Does this sound like he was trying to do something sexual with me?
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