Do guys find girls with a seemingly brooding appearance creepy/uncomfy?

So I have taken a liking to someone in my class. He's somewhat outgoing and he is a kind person as well.

On the contrary, my appearance is somewhat brooding; I look dead inside most of the time (can't help it, that's the face I was born with), wear glasses and masks (bc of covid), and have kind of a reserved personality (I normally don't speak much, but I like to converse with others and mostly listen in our conversations).

This guy and I had some awkward eye contact in the beginning of our classes (like you know the kind where you "accidently" stare at them multiple times and they're staring back at you, which is kinda awk loll).

For the next few classes afterwards, it kinda seemed like he was avoiding me (I don't know if "avoid" is the right word to use here; he avoided eye contact with me when talking to me and two of the other girls in my group - for a group project - as a whole, but did not do the same with the other two teammates in my group).

Thankfully, he doesn't necessarily do that as much anymore (maybe me coming to classes has kinda warmed him up to seeing someone like me in class lmao), but I just wonder why the hell he avoided me in the beginning.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I feel like my brooding appearance threw him off at the beginning, which led to him trying to avoid me.

So my question is: is it true that girls with a brooding appearance like mine make guys uncomfortable? Frankly, I don't know how to else change my appearance and I look like utter shit no matter what I wear or change lol :')
Do guys find girls with a seemingly brooding appearance creepy/uncomfy?
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