Why would a man willingly wait for a woman?

Here is some context. I met this guy a few months ago. I went on one date with him, but I didn’t pursue him because I saw some red flags I didn’t like. For example, he goes out drinking a lot, and he posts a lot of girls on his story. My first impression of him was that he was just another frat boy who goes from one girl to the next. He constantly asked to hang out after our first date, but I didn’t really want to. He ended up waiting for me for months. He watched me graduate, and get into 2 other relationships.

Finally, I decided to give him a chance after my last relationship ended. We both ended up having an amazing time. I almost fell for him instantly. Everything seemed perfect, except I still have that thought about him going out drinking a lot and posting a bunch of girls. I want to accept that he is committed to me and only me, but that is hard. I think about how whenever he drinks does he hook up with other girls? I deep down don’t think that he does, but a part of me feel like he’s just playing me.

I asked him if he truly saw a future with me, and he said he does. He also thinks I’m the one. I asked him if I’m the only one he’s talking to, and he said that I am. He says that he has friends who are girls, but I’m the only one he wants to be with.

He wants to make it official soon, and I got caught up in the moment and I said that I do too. He always says how he’s been trying to make it official with me for a long time. A part of me does want to make it official, but another part of me knows that I should focus on myself. My last relationship ended because the guy I was with wasn’t sure if he wanted to make it official with me. Going from someone who isn’t sure of me to someone who thinks I’m the one is a little scary. Everything just seems too good to be true. I’m not used to being treated this well. But to follow through with my question. Why would a man wait for months for a woman?
Why would a man willingly wait for a woman?
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