Is this inappropriate to anyone else?

My husband and his cousins (single or married) are always talking about hookers and prostitutes. Anytime they message there's a new video shared of a girl playing with herself or photo of a naked hooker that one of them hired and they all talk about how hot she is blah blah. I don't know if my husband says anything back to it I don't check but it makes me so uncomfortable. His cousins ask him to go to brothels/strip clubs with them or to go get "happy ending massages" as a group.. I brought it up to my husband and he said it's a joke between the boys. Is this a typical guy thing? Do all guys do this? Am I right to feel disrespected?
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I just asked him to delete the photos and videos that are being sent and he got mad that I was looking... he had the chat open
Is this inappropriate to anyone else?
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