Why am I never good enough?

I try so hard not to compare myself to my sister. but she's just so beautiful I don't know what went wrong with me :(she's married, I can barely find anyone. she's never had trouble finding someone. guys come up to me to ask about her. like I know no man would wanna date me if she was avaliable. I know no man would pick me out of a room full of attractive women. you know? like the ones guys follow online or want. I'm sorry who would wanna be with me?
there's just so many girls in my town that are gorgeous, then there's me. I'm so ugly, and I know this is why I'm never good enough. I feel like guys only talk to me on dating apps cause they have no one else to talk to.
this is why I plan to stay single. you men don't know what you want. smh you say you want me but would 100% leave if something better came around.
but you're gonna sit here and tell me following half naked chicks is normal. okay, lmao this is why I'm staying single. whenever I see a half naked chick online there's always dudes on there flooding with compliments and shit. SMH, they all do it. Pathetic
I try hard by doing my makeup and buying nice clothes. it doesn't work. I'm not good enough. Men only like that one standard of women. don't try to convince me different to not hurt my feelings.

why am I even here? Why is no one wanting me.
22 d
If you're gonna bring up "you need to love yourself" how can you explain models having the same self esteem as me but have a line of guys? Lol
22 d
Only time a guy messages me is cause he has no one else to talk to. If better was around he wouldn't even look at me.
Why am I never good enough?
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