Am I easy to get?

I known my current boyfriend for 5 months now and I gave him my virginity already. Now I feel fucked coz I have a strong gut feeling that he is cheating. First, he don’t let me see his gallery coz he told me all I will see there is his private part. Second, he has snapchat thats always ringing in the middle of the night. After sex, he will cuddle for 10 or 20 mins then go to kitchen to watch a movie or scroll on social media. He is always on his phone but whenever we are not together he doesn’t message me. He told me that he is not the type of guy to message someone occasionally. However, when we were on the stage of getting to know each other part he always message even in thw middle of the night. I love him but he’s constantly hurting me, I don’t know if he knows it.
Am I easy to get?
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