Think a guy likes me but I don’t fancy him but I fancy another guy - help?

There’s a guy from my old work place who I suspected liked me when I worked there some years ago. When I left that work place he got hold of my mobile number from someone and frequently texted me and asked to meet up. Recently he’s become very forward and is texting me every week and the last text was asking if I wanted to go out for a meal. This guy is a very nice but is very insecure and shy, despite being forward texting me. The thing is I like him as a friend but definitely not as anything else. I’m not the sort of person to hurt someone but I feel if I keep replying to his texts and meeting up with him is this giving him the message I’m interested when I’m actually not. Over the last few years I’ve been studying for a professional qualification and recently qualified so now starting to get out and meet people. And I want to get the chance to meet more men. At my new place of work there’s a guy who I like. I’ve been at this company for 2 years. He’s attractive, intelligent and confident. However he left this job to study medicine last year but is working for the company I’m at 2 days a week to fund his studies. We don’t work directly together anymore as I changed department. He’s a pretty busy guy (understandably) so makes me think there would be no point even pursuing anything. He is on frequent placements too so he is not always in the same town as me. The only time I see him is at a running group I’m part of when he’s home but he hasn’t seen me there as he’s always in the zone ! About a month ago he randomly dropped me a message asking for a catch up at work. I assumed it was work related but turns out he was just wanting a chat about what I’ve been up to and just a general catch up. But any time I’ve texted him in the past he’s never really taken me on so I gave up on him and the last time I texted him was at the start of the year. Part of me just wants to meet a new guy and I can move on - any advise on the above would be welcomed.
Think a guy likes me but I don’t fancy him but I fancy another guy - help?
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