Is it wrong to find my cousins friend cute?

Yesterday was the homecoming dance for my cousin and I, we went to homecoming together and her friend who she was nervous to meet came.
He isn't really her friend but now I think we're more friends after last night. But when he showed up I his outfit was surprisingly nice and stylish. My cousins and I invited him to hang out with us the whole dance since he showed up alone. As my cousin was nervous she spoke to him multiple times, my cousins introduced me to him and after that I felt him staring at me a few times. I'm not sure if my cousin and I were dancing too weirdly that he was weirded out by us.
But after we danced I wanted to go take pictures across the room where there was a little scenery for us. So I asked him if he wanted to take a picture with us after we already snapped a bunch together, i asked him since he didn't really seem interested in the whole thing and came but left and came again into our little group.
So as I was speaking me being short he bends down like a whole 90 degrees and nods a sure. The rest of the night we spoke a bit but not really since he didn't seem so comfortable around me. But after meeting him, he was so shy but not if you know what I mean and I do think he is cute. But I'm not sure if my cousin likes him, she very much talks about him, she says she doesn't like him at all. But I'm backing off, but I got his IG so that I could tag him and we both follow each other. I know he's my cousin's friend and that she may like him, but I can't help but still think about him.
Is it wrong to find my cousins friend cute?
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