Why were these dudes staring?

I was waiting for my sister in the car and I was dressed all bleh cause it was early in the morning. I was wearing grey sweatpants a pink hoodie I literally looked like this guy


And I was just casually waiting in the car I had my AirPods on and listening to music, I looked up then turned to my side and saw some guys looking at me from their car and I didn’t think much of it so I continued with whatever el was doing… so then my sister comes back to the car and she’s like “omg look over here” she kept like hinting that the two guys were looking at me and they were smiling kind of laughing in a way I don’t know and I was like what the heck, and then as she got in the car she was like “yo omg these two guys have been staring at you while I was in there and I could see them from the windows, one of them got down and LITERALLY looked at you and smiled and your dumbass wasn’t even looking” and I was like? Is it a good or bad thing because I was literally in my pjs I had no makeup on I looked ✨dead✨ I barely had any sleep so you guys can already imagine my dark under eyes.
They looked like they were about 25 (I’m 20) and they were dressed kind of professional but not too professional I don't know how to explain it, they had a nice car NFBSNDNDNDNDNND why am I saying this… yea.
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I was doing *
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Maybe they were judging me 😭💀
Why were these dudes staring?
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