Should I give up on him?

There’s this guy I’ve liked since last year. We liked each other at some point but things got ugly. We would be really close one week and then he would pretty much ghost the next week (he would reply but not with the same effort, he would be dry). I grew upset with him and voiced it. He got upset with me for being upset at him. This happened 2 times.

Anyway, this year we’re semi close again. But when he texts, I find myself starting to like him again. I mean we hung out once and he was playing around with me, picking me up and stuff. How can I resist liking him when my love language is touch 😭

Sigh and the closer I get to him the more I feel him back away. When I take a step back he takes a step forward. When I take a step forward he takes step back.

There’s plenty of other guys that like me. I’m half disappointed with myself for even being attracted to this guy who plays games. What should I do?
Should I give up on him?
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