I think my cousin’s best friend likes me but I’m not sure?

My cousin has a friend Zay who he’s known for a few years but i just now really started to get to know him.
Zay goes above and beyond for me. Even more than my cousin or any of his other friends. If food gets delivered, he’ll split his food without me asking him. I’ll be chillin and he’ll randomly come up to me with a drink. He’ll play pranks on me or get me to play pranks on the guys with him. He once gave the guy i was talking too a while back money to buy me drinks at a club
I just recently started noticing my feelings for him like literally within these past couple of days. But there’s an issue : he’s “talking” to this girl “Kayla”. They’ve been talking for about a month and he’s told me straight up how he feels, and how the more she likes him the less he likes her and all their issues. Thing is, I’m not really close with her. I tried to make plans but they never go through so i only ever see her when she’s comes around to hang out with us.
When she comes around, i kinda avoid him bc i don’t want her to think I’m being TOO friendly with him. But then he’ll do things like giving me a random drink but won’t ask if she wants one. He’ll have the option to sit next to her or me and hell choose me. I just be on my phone or talk to the other dudes and try to give them their space. When he does gestures like that for me and not her, i don’t know how to react.
She’s never said anything to me but I don't know if she’s said something to him. Last time i saw her she seemed annoyed and we barely talked.
I don’t know if any of the others guys have picked up on the things I’ve noticed or if it’s just me. There are other girls in the friend group and he doesn’t act like that towards them at all. He’s literally made jokes to my cousin about us dating and getting married and what type of wedding we would have like?
I want to bring it up to my cousin but i don’t want him to think I’m bringing drama or say something to Zay and make it weird.
Am I overthinking it?
I think my cousin’s best friend likes me but I’m not sure?
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