Crazy guy saying rumors about me?

So there is some guy at my school and he asked for my phone number so I can do help him with homework so I gave it to him I know stupid idea but I didn’t wanna he mean so I just did, anyways he asked to FaceTime me so we did and he started saying sexual stuff towards me and started texting me calling me cute I got uncomfortable but I ignored it saying to myself whatever I just want to get this over with, anyways when we go to school we didn’t talk to me I was glad cause he was weird but than when we go to Spanish I over heard him telling his friend group that I stare at him a lot even tho I don’t mean too I just have a habit of staring at people one of his friends called me weird for “staring at him” which is dumb because he is overthinking thankfully one of his friends tell him that I could just be spacing out thank god someone with common sense anyways, he had a photo of me screenshotted from my Instagram and showed his friends than he called my name and said “my friends don’t think this looks at you they didn’t even recognize you” I was pissed why in the world did he screenshot a pic of me and was showing ir to his friends to make them think I’m some sort of catfish? Anyways I just laughed and turned away I didn’t want to cause any problems he also told his friends that I might be getting passed around I was so pissed off why is this jerk so full of it and causing my reputation to absolute shit when I didn’t do anything?
Crazy guy saying rumors about me?
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