Why does a man's stoic face intrigue me so much?

There's a hardworking very helpful attentive man at my job. he's unlike other men as he doesn't act sexual with me or anyone else that i have noticed. What really pulls me in is his stoic face added to that personality of his.
Of course i dont KNOW this guy. he's just a co-worker. I barely even really talk to him. But wow, i have to say his stoic face is so mysterious to me now.

I usually feel i am getting impressions and emotions from people when i glance even once at them.
With him yes there is some humanity. But there is still such a stoic face and i dont know its just so mysterious.

I am a very shy person and nervous and socially awkward. But i actually noticed that i started saying hi to him first. I dont do that! And his demeanor is so helpful and something about him and that stoicism just pulls me in and i actually feel some sort of safeness and not as nervous with him. Still a nervous social wreck, come on, but there's a comfort growing a little bit. Its almost like im coming out my shell with him and its totally on my own... Not manufactured at all like usually some guys try to coerce me to open up more. Those guys usually want sex anyway.

This man isn't really manufacturing anything at all to get me to do anything.

Im telling you its his stoic face and I love a mystery.
Why does a man's stoic face intrigue me so much?
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