Could my work crush be romantically interested in me?

I have a work crush (48/guy) at my new job that's remote, but we live in different states. The last time we spoke was on the phone over the weekend. During the convo I asked him how his work friend that left the company is doing and wanted to make sure it didn't have to do with anything bad with the company. And he told me he'd reach out to him to tell him I asked about him. Later in our convo, he brought up being in my state soon to visit family and we should have lunch. Of course I'm interested lol. And I have plans to be in his city, and he's down for meeting up for lunch and showing me around. Day after we spoke, his friend that left got in touch with me over text to say he appreciated my concern and explain the reason he left the company. Then day after that, his friend randomly texts: "take care of my buddy." This makes me wonder if my work crush told his friend about our meet up plans and there's actually romantic interest. Or am I just looking too much into it?
Could my work crush be romantically interested in me?
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