Did he ever like me?

There’s a guy I took a liking to. I became infatuated with actually and I did show interest but nothing over the top. I just followed him on Instagram and liked his pics and commented on his work ( he’s a musician) he seemed very flattered and initially, he responded to me and when I posted a selfie, he reacted to my story by saying it was hot. We even had a very brief conversation. He left me hanging though. I ask him something and he never got back. He liked a few of my pics after he left me on read but he hasn’t interacted with me since. He just complete left me hanging. It’s been over 6 months now. I don’t understand cause I really picked up that he liked me. I wasn’t expecting to be his girlfriend or wife, just a friend but it seems that can’t even be at this point. The weirdest thing of at is it seems he tried to get my attention in little ways and he even mimicks some of the things I have shared in social media pertaining to my career or personal interest. He was watching my stories very often and then he stopped. His action seem odd because he went quiet but still seems to be watching me. What gives?
Did he ever like me?
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