I’m so depressed… is this normal?

So I have been with this older guy (I’m 24, he is 34) for four years. Situationship, then miraculously, a beautiful relationship for two years. We’ve always had issues, but like any other couple. We work on them and try to be better each day. But he knows I have been battling an anxiety disorder and chronic depression and fatigue for years. I had been through a rough patch with it for a few weeks already again, and something that does not help is his temper. He’s awfully quick-tempered. I never stood up to him on anything, and the other day I did. I teased him, I did not shared his views for once…all in front of a friend he always fucking complains about to me.
next thing he did was to storm into our bedroom, roughly grab a chair and tell me basically I should not have questioned his opinions ‘IN FRONT OF HIS FUCKING FRIEND LIKE THAT’
it is the first time I have been slightly wary of him. Never had I seen him like that.
He says I bring him down, and that he needs to do his thing and cannot be charity house.
I’m so heartbroken… but at the same time, he has always been so sweet and my first love…
I’m so depressed… is this normal?
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