Going on a 5th date with someone who may not even like me?

I’m going on a 5th date with a guy tonight, and this may sound bad…but I still can’t tell if he actually likes me. He doesn’t really text. I initiate a lot of the text messages but he responds with all positive things. He also doesn’t really plan the dates. He says he wants to go out, and I have to ask him to pick something instead of him just flat out saying it.
We have only had sex once, so I don’t think it’s just for sex. We also kiss and hold hands in public, so it’s not like he’s hiding anything. I want to ask him about this but I don’t know how to bring it up. I don’t even know what question to ask him. Asking him if he actually likes me sounds childish. Asking him if this is going to move forward into a potential relationship may be too soon.
The dates are actual dates by the way. Dinner, dessert. And they’ve been great. Good conversation and lots of laughs. Please help! I don’t want to go deeper into this if it isn’t worth it.
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I did ask him about the texting and he initially told me on Hinge that he wasn’t a texter. He said he’s working on responding more frequently but will probably never be a text chatter.
Going on a 5th date with someone who may not even like me?
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