Shoul I give up if he is not attentive?

We met twice, the dates were nice, we really “clicked” both of them ended up with a nice long kiss. It really seemed like he likes me. But we haven't seen each other for 2 weeks. And he doesn't really makes an effort to meet me. I offered the date once and he said sure, but then changed it to other day and when I asked what time should we meet he said he has a headache, which for me means he doesn't want to meet. Just asked him “should we meet some other time?” And he said yea it would be better. He replies slow to my messages, but when I stop texting him, he texts me the next day. I changed the time of date once, but I offered the different time immediately and he never does it ): I asked him directly if he doesn't like me, because he doesn't contact me much, but he said no, its nothing about me. Not sure what to do, becuse I like him, but it starting to stress me out. What do you think?
Shoul I give up if he is not attentive?
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