Why did he block me?

Please don't judge me. This was a couple years ago.

A year ago, I was in need of a friend and the girl I thought was a friend really wasn't. I confronted her for only using me to get to a guy. We both liked the guy. Our "friendship" started (years ago) when she walked up to me after church and said "hey, i like x-y-z" I didn't know her and it was weird to say after first meeting someone. I liked him too but I didn't tell her. When I told her she started trying to be my enemy and saw me as competition so I told her that I didn't like him. Me and him played together as kids but as we got older we didn't really talk as much. She only reached out and wanted to do things if it pertained to him. I confronted her about it last year. It was a bit bad. I was acting a bit erratic due to depression and drinking to help with my emotions.

So I had another page on fb under an old name that no one knew about. I had wrote something mean under her page. It was kind kind of bad wht I said bc her grandmother had died and I said that "she would be disappointed bc you're a fake btch"

I FORGOT that I had requested to follow the guy awhile back.. anyway, I think he saw the message I wrote under her page and he blocked me. Him and the girl dont even follow eachother... can someone explain?
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I did apologize to her and told her how I felt in a better way. I ended the friendship with her and I admitted that I was a bit jealous of her.
Why did he block me?
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