Shy guy friend - what does he feel for me?

I have this guy friend since years back. Nowadays We live far away due to studies. This weekend I was in his city and we had decided to meet Friday at his place to just hangout. Later we decided to have dinner out which he insisted to pay for. Since we didn't have any reservation and it was a bit late there wasn't many restaurants to choose from so when we finallly were seated, very loud live music started playing. My friend who is usually shy asked the waitress if We could be seated somewhere more quiet, but nothing was available.

We knew we weren’t gonna stay for too long since we were gonna meet his friends for drinks afterwards. But It ended up being a great dinner and he told me about some really personal things.

Based on his behaviour in this situation and usually being very shy... What do you think he feels about me?
Shy guy friend - what does he feel for me?
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