How should I go about it should I block him out?

Ok so have any of you been in a situation where you had a group of friends and you didn’t like a particular person in that group of friends I don’t necessarily hate him but I’m kinda starting to so I’m 24 and he’s 26 and the other two guys are 22 and 21 it’s a group of 4 of us we smoke together a lot we hang out , outside of work we all met at work. But honestly I (24) can’t stand (26) he tries to take personal shots at me or crack jokes it gets so annoying and I think he does it because I’m the quiet/laid back personality of the group and honestly I’m not worried about him trying to physically harm me I’m the most physically imposing out of the 4 of us at 6’4 and I can handle myself in a fight but it just gets to the point where I feel like harming him he just talks so much and noticeable tries to belittle me in front of the other two friends and pass saying something personal of as a joke Im just going to probably start to ignore him for the the best
How should I go about it should I block him out?
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