Crush on a teacher who hates me?

Hello guys,
as the title says, i'm crushing big time on a teacher who seems to have much hatred towards me ): He is married to a student who graduated 3 years ago.
Anyways... He always treat me as if i am extremely stupid, because i always ask lots of questions which is due to me having a hard time when it comes to English (he is my English teacher which for the record isn't my native language). When he has to explain things to me twice he starts having a very bad and sassy attitude towards me. More often then not he chooses to ignore me when i make it clear that i need help or advice.

On the other hand he also takes every kind of small critic i give him to heart. I don't know why? For instance, i told him that i did not understand his responses to some mails that i send him and it seemed like he took it very personal. Also we had this paper that we had to fulfill and one of the question was something similar to "what can the teacher do better" and i answered that it would be nice if he could vary the lessons more so it wouldn't be the same things we would do every single lesson which i wrote in a respectful manner. Then 1-2 weeks after that i said something along the lines "let me guess, mindmaps" in an obvious jokingly way and he respond something like "no don't worry, it's not what we always do" in a way that sounded like he had really been thinking about what i wrote. Similar things has happened on several occasions.

Likewise he always embarrass me or put me on the spot in a jokingly way but its almost as if his intentions aren't good. And he makes it clear that he doesn't believe in me. When i try to do something he always demeans it which has led me to become very insecure in his classes which means i'm not longer active in class.

Sometimes i try to be a tiny tiny bit flirty when i write him a question and he will respond EXTRA professionally.

Why is he like this towards with me? (by the way many students crushes on him!)
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My question is: how can i make him not hate me?
Crush on a teacher who hates me?
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