Guy won’t text, but says all the right things?

I’ve been on a handful of dates with a guy and I really like him. I told him I liked him the last time I saw him, and he said he liked me too. I got up the nerve to ask him the difficult question of “this isn’t just a hook up to you/just for fun right?”. He said it wasn’t. I apologized later for asking this, as I didn’t mean to freak him out, but he said it was all good, he understood and is looking forward to a date we have planned when he gets back from visiting family during the holidays.
This all sounds great when you right it down, but there is one issue. He doesn’t text me. I text him. He says he isn’t a texter and is working on getting better/responding more timely. Sometimes it could be hours or even a full day before he responds. Everything he says is good, but clearly not my love language is communication, and his is not. He does always text me back though. I worry that while he’s gone for the holidays I just won’t hear from him. This could mean something totally different to him, but to me it makes me feel like he doesn’t care enough to want to talk to me. Am I being over sensitive on this? It has only been a handful of dates.
I should probably also mention that he’s a pretty straight forward/independent guy. He sees movies and goes to dinner by himself. He works in corporate finance. Many of the texts he does send sound very “official” if that makes sense.
My mind always seems to jump to the worst case scenario. In my head I’m thinking he said all of that just because I asked him in person and it would have been awkward not to agree/say he likes me back.
Guy won’t text, but says all the right things?
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