If he drives 5 hours to see me, HOW much is he interested?

I was 15 years old when I met a married couple that got along with my parents. Now, I am 39 and he is retired and 58 years old. We are both divorced, so I decided to write him on a social platform and we began chatting via text. After a year of chit-chatting, we decided to meet up. He made all the arrangements, he drives 5 hours and I drive almost 3. (His semi-dead beat daughter lives at home with the baby and I'm back in college, so we HAVE to meet up at a hotel or Bed and Breakfasts'). We've done this twice now within an 8 week time frame.
This 2nd meet up, I pointed out how nice his nails were groomed and he said he wanted to look nice for our weekend. He brought me my favorite water brand, which I thought was super cute and sentimental because we're not at a level for gift exchanging. Maybe he's being cautious? We definitely are intimate, we both decided it felt right, so I feel very comfortable with him. Funny thing is, he was not only my father's boss, but the boss of MANY MANY mutual friends.
People who do know, because this is very fresh, say to me he is not the type that plays games. I believe it because he is a very respected man and always keeps his word. He takes care of his 3 yr old grandson 24/7, (refer to note above) so when he does get a weekend when the other grandmother can finally babysit, he does come to visit. I just don't want to be played and I know men will do anything for sex, so it seems. With this situation, what is your take? Remember, we've known each other for 24 years as well.
Thank You.
If he drives 5 hours to see me, HOW much is he interested?
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