Why do guys always get bored of me?

I was actively pursuing The guy that Is younger and I’ve known him for 5 months now. He’s already has gotten tired/bored of me. During the first month we met he sent a text saying he was tired of me but I don’t know whether it was a joke or not. I do piss him off easily so I have to watch what I say. Everything was great and we had conversations everyday. He’s slowly drifted away a few weeks ago and grown bored of me. I still like him but the interest he had for me is gone. His last relationship was this year ended in May.

My last relationship, I got ghosted by my boyfriend who was being dry before he went on vacation field trip and when he came back I never heard from him again. He was active on social media during and after vacation posting pictures of himself. No signs of him seeing someone else although he did break up with his ex a short while ago before we met. Months later, he still wasn’t dating anyone but wasn’t interested in talking to me ever again. I’m in this same position again with this current guy except he won’t admit he’s bored (he did admit but said it was a joke) but his actions match my ex.

I have a guy friend who I’ve been friends with for two and a half years who interested in pursuing a relationship with me. The reason why he’s interested now is because he’s in a great place in his life where he’s moved up in his company and has money to be in a relationship. The first thing he did when he moved up was to go after me. I’m afraid to pursue him because I have a feeling he might get bored of me too and I’ll get attached. I don’t want to waste his time. What should I do?
Why do guys always get bored of me?
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