Why is he being like this now?

I need an honest opinion on what's going on with this man. To give a background. I met him almost two years ago on a dating site and we haven't actually dated even though everyone around us keeps asking me if we are. Yes we've had sex several times and pretty much spent a lot of time with each other. When we met he has recently been through a terrible break up with his ex fiance of 5 years and had a mental breakdown. He's told me that he's not ready for a relationship with me just yet because of his mental health. I get that. He's scared that if we date and something goes wrong that he will ultimately lose me forever like his previous relationships. He's become quite attached to me and sees me as his best friend and an important person in his life. He had recently started seeing someone else but she refuses to date him. Here lately he's started wanting to kiss me again and wanting to initiate being intimate and I'm not sure if he is wanting to switch back to wanting to go further with me or not. I'm really confused with the hot and cold signals that he's giving off.
Why is he being like this now?
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