What do I do 😔?

  • Hi guys, I haven't really had any conversations with my friend that moved away, I feel I am constantly initiating conversations here and there. He often leaves the last message I send on read until I bring up a new conversation further down the line. The last message I sent was on Christmas to wish him a happy Christmas he then wished me a happy birthday (my birthday is on Christmas) i feel maybe he wouldn't have bothered if i hadn't initiated the conversation, I understand he has a girlfriend and as I said before in my last post I don't wish to break them up at all, I just miss him! How could he forget what he promised before he moved away.. he's own words.."We have to make an effort to see eachother" is this he's way of letting me down gently? By becoming distant or maybe he could be busy? I'm heartbroken πŸ’” I'm in love with him but he will never know as he is taken. I just love to hear from him even if it's as friends πŸ˜”
What do I do 😔?
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