Meeting an ex with mixed signals?

Hi so I’m meeting my ex and tbh idm him I’m over him it’s alright took me ages to agree to the meeting. But we talked today just to confirm our meeting for tomorrow the place and time and he asks what am I wearing I just say depends where we go? And he goes ‘don’t put in effort or hurt yourself for my sake cuz my reaction will disappoint you I will compliment you either way I just want to see you , there won’t be no glow up satisfaction for you ‘ I didn’t understand the last bit then he goes ‘ok talk to you soon princess’ …. I’m so confused does he give a lecture to all his female friends and then say see you soon princess with a red heart? I’m quite infuriated. he also says he is excited to meet me. I felt like I just got a whole lecture combined with mixed signals , now I feel like imma get scrutinised or something
Meeting an ex with mixed signals?
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