Ex switched up fast /makes plans and cancels?

Hi , so my ex who I’m friends with and have talked civil wise for past three months decided to meet up tomorrow and I text him happy new year , no reply , he looks and airs and I say it’s not bad to say it back and he goes ‘alright I’m not bothered ‘ so I think to myself ok weird and then I said your being weird and he goes yep and then proceeds to say ‘fuck London I’m leaving back home for uni I ain’t seeing you tomorrow ‘ and I go dang you could've told me before hand because I had a feeling he won’t have told me until tomorrow when I’m supposed to meet and I cancelled plans with others so I got mad since we planned the meet up for a good month. so I tell him I cancelled plans you could've told me earlier but ok and he says ‘then uncancel them idgaf that’s a you issue ‘ now bear in mind before this day before he goes ‘I’m so excited to see you soon talk later princess’ so today I’m confused asf …lastly I say ‘what is wrong with you ‘ he airs my message but he read it? I don't know what to think of his behaviour it’s annoying and it’s left me baffled :(
Ex switched up fast /makes plans and cancels?
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