Am I a bad person for this situation?

I cheated on by a boyfriend who I thought was the one for me. Naturally, I confided in one of my best guy friends about it to get an opinion on what could have went wrong. all of his friends are women. He is naturally very flirtatious. we had started texting more and I truly didn’t have any malice intent to break their relationship up. I always asked him in a friendly way to say hi at school with his friends around, but he would say things like “I don’t trust myself around you.” He also invited me over saying “we can have a sleepover, she won’t know.” I always declined and asked him that we all hangout including his girlfriend so I can get to know her. He actually had a sleepover with another girl best friend of his. For some reason, I had a bad feeling in my stomach at this point - but I started developing feelings for him at the same time; but I NEVER acted on it. He would ask me for advice about his girlfriend at random hours of the night. He’s also a bartender, so when he’d go to work he said he’d scope out hot women etc and flirt for tips. I kept texting hiding my feelings, and I feel extremely guilty about this. I just kept acting like everything was cool when in reality it wasn’t. One night, I decided to tell him that I had feelings for him, and I wanted to end the friendship because I’m not comfortable speaking to a guy who’s taken and he said he understood and so I deleted him off social media; but he started texting me again the next day like nothing was wrong. He also during this time took a random girl to a wedding that his girlfriend didn’t know. He broke up with her shortly after that, and asked to hangout a couple weeks later, and he said that he was attracted to me and that I was a good friend, and we slept together. He ghosted me after that, and he hasn’t spoken to me since. My question to everybody is is - am I a homewrecker? Should I feel guilty about this situation? Did I do anything wrong or did I instigate infidelity?
Am I a bad person for this situation?
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