Does my guy friend like me?


Recently, I've been noticing some strange behavior from one of my guy friends and I came here to ask for opinion.

I've known him for about three months now, we go to college together and have a friend group with three more people. I was in a relationship for a month and a half and broke up with my boyfriend few days ago.

Some things he does: makes long eye contacts, is very touchy (he touches my hair or playfully punches my knee), he sometimes randomly hugs me and sometimes kisses the top of my head. When I was upset because of my now ex-bf, he would always come up to me and ask me if everything was okay and would talk to me about it. He also either puts his head on my shoulder or an arm around me when we sit next to each other, and we have so much playful banter going on. He also asks to wear one of my rings on days that we're together for a longer period of time, and one time when I was talking to my friend, he just walked over to us, took my hand, put one of his bracelets on my wrist and walked away. I too know that he's had a very bad experience with his last relationship that ended about year and a half ago and he kind of struggles with his mental health, and he told me that some things about those two he only told me and no one else, and he always asks me how I'm doing.

I'm confused about this because he is kinda playful with another girl (she has a boyfriend) that we hang out with and sometimes hugs this other girl and stuff (my friends think this is nothing but I mentioned it here nonetheless). I just don't know if he's being flirty and playful with everyone including me or if he actually likes me.

He also seemed kinda happy when I told him I broke up with my boyfriend, so yea...

What do you think?
Does my guy friend like me?
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