If he wasn’t interested would he say this?

I’ve been talking with my crush on instagram. He seems to like to talk to me but so far I’ve been the one to message him first usually.
I asked him about it.
He was like ” say what? I think I’ve been the one saying hi first more. Or I’ve thought so. My bad if it hasn’t been so”

I was like ”how is it possible that you’ve said hi first more than me?”
He knows damn well that it’s been me texting first.
He then said ” my bad I remembered wrong. I have to do something about it then”
then he continued to send me hi FOUR times and he was like are we even now?

At the end he then said ” seriously. I have to next time say hi more quickly. I can’t be coming short on that”

so was he genuine? Dies he really like me?
14 d
If he wasn’t interested would he say this?
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