Should I apologize?

So I (19) overheard my brother (16) in his room talk to his friend about how he took a picture under a girl's skirt at School and touched another Girl's ass without her noticing in the hallways. Well when he wasn't looking later, I took his phone and really found not one picture, but 2 from under a girl's skirt. I was so disgusted and mad at him that later in the evening I was ready and I kicked him in the balls from behind while he was bent down, right before his football practice. I was not wearing shoes at least and then I stepped on his crotch too. He collapsed on the Ground for a good 2-3 hours and he's still hurting now a full day later. He had to miss football practice and now he says I should apologize to him and expects me to pay the price because he's in trouble for missing the practice. He said he didn't take the pictures, he was lying to seem cool and the pictures were from online websites. He says the coach will make him run so much tomorrow and with his hurting nuts he will suffer. Should I apologize and do something for him, or could he be lying/did he deserve the lesson? Also my mom knows the full story and is mad at me for trying to make him "sterile"? But Shouldn't he learn to respect women?
Should I apologize?
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