What should I do with my ex ignoring me?

Should i make it obvious to my ex im ignoring him since he's ignoring me through text? We we’re together for almost 3 years he broke up with me 4 months ago we still talk and hang out almost every weekend I haven’t started talking to anyone else but I know he has been talking to several different women and he goes out and party a lot. He says he still loves me and his actions when we’re together just hasn’t changed seems like we’re still together but once we’re apart he ignores me if I text or call but responds to everyone else and is online at times. I’m sorry I’ve never been in this situation and I’m so confused! When we drink and he gets upset at something (only has happened twice here lately) he starts calling me names and flicking me off. He apologizes the next day when I mention it. And also when I ask if we’re ever gonna get a chance to get back together he says I don't know he just wants to do him for now but that he loves me. Still brings me around his place and parents. Please help
What should I do with my ex ignoring me?
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