What do you think he doing?

So few days ago, I told my crush ma true feelings
And he said he liked mi too
But after days, our conversation isn't the same
Do you think he doesn't like mi anymore
17 d
Its actually ma friend who needs the answer so please help
She posted using my account anonymously because she doesn't want you people know it's from ma account
please help help
17 d
They actually met at school and slowly became friends but then ma friend told mi she likes the guy
She asked for his WhatsApp number and both shared numbers
But unfortunately, school ended because of the virus
She texted him afterwards and they started chatting for six months talking about their ideal types of partners and maybe flirting
Last year she confessed her towards him and he said "actually I like you that's why I become your friend "
But ma friend told mi that the guy has changed
What do you think he doing?
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