I don’t know what’s going on?

i don’t know :( someone help

I just became friends with benefits with this guy, we like each other but haven’t talked about being in a relationship yet.

before winter break on snap i was his number one bff and we would snap each other the most

i flew overseas for the winter break which means we can’t see each other right now but now he’s sending less snaps and we don’t have the yellow heart next to each other anymore..

is he ignoring my snaps because i’m not there to link with him? because his snap score does go up meaning he’s snapping another person more than me

i’m over thinking this a lot but it’s just bothering me, we had sex for the first time before winter break started and it was the first time for me but he was super nervous too

he’s always told me i look cute and shit when we’re only supposed to be friends with benefits tf is going on man.
I don’t know what’s going on?
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