I see my ex at the gym a lot now?

Saw my ex at the gym one time and we talked and caught up a little and he texted me the next day kinda flirting w me and talking about my donkey kicks 😂 anyways he never really goes in the am when I go - I go everyday in the am and ever since then, I see him more and more at the same time I go and then I can see him in the window reflection look at me while I’m working out
And this morning, I was working out in a little corner of the gym and I saw him come in, stand in the middle of the weight room looking around, poking his head everywhere and we finally made eye contact and waved at each other and then he went by the treadmills

Could this mean anything? I know when we used to date he told me that he hates running into people he was former friends with or people he used to know

My best friend is his cousin and when I told her all this she was surprised that he still goes at the same time I do and why he hadn’t switch gyms because she also knows about how he is when he runs into people he knows
I see my ex at the gym a lot now?
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