Why was he being so giddy?

I’m a cashier and I’m normally pretty upbeat. I’m 20 and I think some people think I’m older by the way they talk to me and I think it’s the way I dress or something or the mask because before covid people thought I was a lot younger. Anyways, yesterday this guy with his mom, siblings, and I think girlfriend because they were hugged up came to my store and the mom was buying stuff. They were nice and they left after I finished. 20 minutes later the guy came back by himself and was buying stuff and came up to my register giggling and smiling. I asked if he had a phone number for our store program and he looked me in the eye smiling and was like “maybe” and then he told me. Eventually his girlfriend and siblings and mom came back and he calmed down a little and said thank you and left. I thought this was weird, why was he being so weird?
Why was he being so giddy?
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